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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

The aim of this society is to help  by carrying out mass neutering campaigns in every village and town. TNR, ( Trap-Neuter-Return ) being the world’s most accepted way of decreasing cat populations in a humane manner so every year the cat population declines, leaving the remaining cats healthy with a far better life expectancy.

Founded in 2012 the Greek Cat Welfare Society Rhodes works in conjunction with the Greek Cat Welfare Society UK. We started by alleviating the suffering of cats that had been abandoned due to the declining economic situation Greece. Large feral populations of unneutered strays were struggling to survive across the island of Rhodes. In every town and village there were thousands of cats living without homes or owners, every year they give birth to more unwanted kittens and it is extremely distressing seeing cats emaciated born with cat flu, Feline Aids , Leukemia or kittens with Chlamydia, ALL will die without treatment.

Slowly the TNR program is being accepted by the locals, who have now started their own fund raising projects having seen the benefits of not being overrun with sick cats and kittens.

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GCWS Rhodes cats

GCWS Rhodes cats

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