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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057
Since our June newsletter the past two months have been hectic, sad, depressing and quite soul destroying with an extremely large amount of sick, injured cats and dumped kittens however thankfully there have been interjections of happier moments with a few surprises thrown in… Regular visitors to the island who are genuine supporters of GCWS-Rhodes message their arrival, where they would be staying and times to catch up either to collect their donated flea & worm treatments, woollen or micro fibre kitten blankets, biscuits, kitten treats, rubber gloves and desperately needed Hibiscrub plus various other medications. Just to name a few, thanks must go to Mandy Watts, Tina & Ian, Sue Benson, Ute Oppelt, Emma Trim, Sally Miller, Karen and Julie Britt plus Emma & Karl Hamer who left clothes behind in the UK to fill one bag with goodies…         Such wonderfully kind people…..

Apart from the goodies received we had some beautiful satin FOP (Friends of Pefkos ) ribbons donated, these we either handed out to tourists or tied on the special Pefkos blue donation pots. Quirky idea !!!


As everyone knows when working / volunteering for a charity, funds are extremely difficult to come by and any ideas that come our way are well and truly accepted.One wonderful fund raising idea has been a  “ KITLER”   canvas tote bag….

Kitler being the most famous  stray cat in Pefkos now in his 7th  -8th    year is an icon and a tourist favourite, fans hold “ Find Kitler” competitions and “First Kitler photo “ He is an adorable cat and as you will see from the photo,  WHY he is called Kitler !!!

Caroline Ambler another great supporter who makes the most delightfully designed tote bags, decided to introduce Kitler to her collection and what a success, as soon as she posted the photo everyone was clambering for a bag, with all monies donated to GCWS-Rhodes  Kitler managed to raise 180euros for us.                        More in the pipeline…     Bravo Caroline.

We were on a roll, the following BRIGHT idea was our own.    BINS ! Winter food collection BINS !!!

Not easy finding the correct size, eventually  and with help from  a terrific cat friend Patricia who purchased the pieces required, hand painted the amazing  cat faces making all four  look brilliant. Two placed in Pefkos supermarkets, both working well. One in Lindos and another in Kiotari which sadly was stolen !!!!!   Someone obviously thinking it was a great idea for their childs room…

At present they are being emptied on a regular basis…

Other ideas we use here on the island are book swaps, coffee and cake mornings along with our donation pots dotted around hotels, bars and supermarkets.

As we come to the end of this newsletter, the news regarding Panagiotis  veterinary clinic is good in respect of his contract being signed however the electricity and water are still not connected. It has been a REALLY long drawn out process, even  for Greek red tape, appears to be a little too crazy????

There are a great deal of internal changes to be made, partitions to be built, doors to be fitted and of course the clinics name up in lights, we are praying everything comes to fruition  as soon as possible, selfishly we need it for our November TNR program…. In the meantime  Katies bench is looking good, material was ordered from overseas for the cushions, extra tiles for the top of the coffee table were sourced, all in all the two pieces  look beautiful.

Again once the clinic is opened it will be moved there and bolted into place..


That is all the news for August hopefully you will find it an enjoyable and informative read, until  the October newsletter we sincerely hope you have  wonderful holidays, preferably here on Rhodes !!!

                Thank you for your continuing  support .