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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

June & July have been two extremely busy traumatic months, however a couple of items from May need reporting having not been mentioned in the last newsletter.

First our coffee & cake morning at the newly founded Toy Museum in Archipoli, in actual fact even though a fair drive up in the hills was great fun and quite successful, sun shone brightly, we had a terrific turn out managing to raise 297euros.

Second one particular Greek family who popped up from Kalathos where we have neutered 206 cats, arrived for their first ever fund raiser enjoying themselves so much they decided to door knock contacting every cat lover in their village, raising another amazing 350euro !!!!

All the funds raised and donated paid for a flurry of neutering, 8 in Old Rhodes Town a few in Lardos, Lotheirika and Gennadi. Dr Volker one of our long standing German vets regularly holidaying on Rhodes offered a free afternoon of sterilising. Not a great deal of cats around due to the hot weather although another unsuspecting 4 x were trapped, neutered and returned…

Usually in June – July we cease the TNR program due to hot weather, tourists or lack of funds but once again a wonderful supporter Anita Verkerk sent through a lovely sum of money just when we needed it.

A message was received from one of the many seasonal workers living in an old Kolympia hotel where they feed 15 non neutered cats. They informed us it was a constant worry if more adult females reproduced they could all be poisoned or chased off when the season ends, could we please help?

Aiming first for 2 x pregnant females, one of which had cysts throughout her uterus the other heavily pregnant had a twisted bowel and would never have survived the birth, both doing well with the others on the October TNR list….

Two of our adorable kittens April & Xrisa flew to Germany in June to their Forever homes, leaving behind blind Katie our 122nd fostered kitten, it will be extremely hard to part with her after watching her grow, character develop plus getting know every inch of the house, running around with our Tabby Terror Heidi who will be leaving for her new home very soon. We hope after being neutered she will calm down and not as crazy as she has been, definitely accident prone breaking all kinds of items even smashing a favourite Bohemian crystal vase ,then looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth !!!!!

Accidents happen, no doubt there will be more..

Our coffers were depleted by the end of June which is quite normal but with so many cat accidents and injuries being reported, it was worrying that we wouldn’t be able to assist the most serious. To our delight a wonderful couple Mark & Sandra Simpson donated 550euros from fantastic stainless steel I LOVE CATS & I LOVE GREECE Spinners they had designed and manufactured, selling them to our supporters and followers on Friends Of Pefkos and our face book pages. They are still available if anyone wishes to purchase for gifts, please email sandras50@hotmail.co.uk £5 each + postage

The donation from the Spinners allowed us to catch Mummy cat and her 2 x emaciated older sick kittens,
Although we try to refrain from neutering during these hot months we needed to trap Mummy cat in particular due to her being pregnant again, plus deformities that required checking, a club foot plus her teeth & jaw were all misshapen, still able to eat however one kitten amongst the 4 she was carrying was dead and also deformed. She is fine and has been returned to her village along with the 2 x older kittens also neutered..

Another adult male caught had a rabbit snare around his midriff, it had been there a while getting tighter and tighter, sadly it took 4 days to trap him being extremely wary of humans. Eventually taken to the vet whereupon we found he had massive eternal injuries, also FIV positive and was euthanized…

We have had a spate of FIV cats most in horrendous conditions, all with no chance of survival either on the streets or in private homes.

During the winter months we get to know and become quite close to the Pefkos cats mainly due to the amount of messages we receive and donations raised to feed and take care of them.. Last winter one particular cat named Scruffy was especially cared for as she had long fur that became constantly matted full of knots, it became so bad at the start of the season she was taken to the vet and shaved, a leg wound treated plus a few sores and abrasions. Scruffy was returned and has since become a celebrity with tourists wanting a Selfie with a very amiable bald cat !!!!

There are now a number of older cats in Pefkos that have been micro chipped, they will be protected, cared for and remain in the village never to be adopted. Main reason for this is due to the fact they have become icons that tourists love and come especially to see them, also they are able to roam, enjoy a free life never to be shut up in a flat or house with a small garden.

Before this newsletter comes to a close, those of you who do not follow us on face book would not have read about one of the most horrendous and traumatic days that have taken place since moving here, certainly something I never would want to go through again or wish upon anyone, however the story needs to be told.

(It is said,” everything comes in 3’s” )

Our thoughts are with those people that have lost loved ones during the Greek mainland devastating wild fires, tears for the many animals killed and for those amazing people that battled the fires heartfelt thanks.

Donations can be made to the Greek Red Cross & for animals GAWF…

Sunday 5.45am my home phone is ringing off the hook..

Answering, a close friend in total panic asking if I had any Atropine??

She had called our local vet who unfortunately was away in Symi ,spluttering through tears she thought her dog had been poisoned and the vet knowing I had medications and drugs for our TNR program suggested she called me to administer whatever could be found and suggested by him.

Standing in my nightie, they were at my door in minutes her dog in the back of the car was shaking , dripping in sweat, howling in excruciating pain, eyes rolling to the back of its head, oozing blood from its anus however although I am obviously more involved with cats I didn’t believe it was poison.
Thankfully the vet liaising with me on the phone every minute of the way, I explained what was going on in front of my eyes. He walked me through the drugs to be used explaining the dog appeared to be having a seizure and drugs to be administered intramuscular.

It was a crazy moment, everyone around me in tears asking what was happening, phones ringing, others calling to inform family, eventually after treatment was administered the poor dog was covered keeping it warm however it desperately required an intravenous drip, rousing an emergency vet they raced off to Rhodes Town .

Thirty minutes later a call came informing us the dog had died on the way, the vet examined the dog informing the owners some SICK- BARBARIC- INHUMAN – MONSTER had given the dog a mixture of crushed glass shards and weed killer stuffed in meat….. Heartbreaking

Not 5mins later after taking care of my own cats and kittens a message came through “ a kitten had been mauled, need help”…

I asked myself “What on earth was happening, it wasn’t even 6.30am ??? “
Racing around getting dressed, collecting medications and drugs that might be useful. Sadly 10 minutes later the next call received, explained the kitten had died of its injuries…

At least lunch was out of the way before the next call came at 5pm.I tried to ignore it but 3 calls from the same number made me realise it had to be urgent. Yiannis ( Pied Piper of Pefkos) crying down the phone he had a sick cat. Once again after collection it was pretty obvious this cat was in a shocking state, literally close to death. Its eyes were bleeding, emaciated and panting through its mouth . Not much could be done, it crossed the rainbow bridge 20 mins later.

Not a good day..

Sincere thanks to everyone for your kind support..

Our thoughts are with those people that have lost loved ones during the Greek mainland devastating wild fires, tears for the many animals killed and for those amazing people that battled the fires  heartfelt thanks.

Donations can be made to the Greek Red Cross & for animals GAWF…