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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

A little late, but – Happy New Year to one and all….

Sadly 2018 has not started as well as hoped, a dreadful sickening disease Parvo took hold and killed quite a few cats at Kalitheas plus another 17 cared for by one our best volunteers Cheri, they lost their lives and cruelly also took the life of Lula a partially sighted 4mth old kitten we had taken in until adopted.

Her sibling was totally blind plus an extreme respiratory problem, a genuine and caring decision was made to euthanize her Lula came home with us but within two days she was limp and lifeless. Next another injured kitten Betty being cared for with a damaged shoulder was struck down, luckily she previously had a vaccination which helped to some degree as she was extremely ill and needed checking every hour to see if she was still alive !!!!!   Betty is well and soon to be on her way to Germany.

Stepping back to December 2017 our last table top of the year and main fund raising event at Lindos Reception where we managed to raise an amazing 536e, one euro more   535e than our Cat Boot Sale !!!

Comments and remarks received regarding the Cat Boot Sale appear to be very positive, roll on November.


The funds raised went straight into neutering, obviously a slower process trapping cats on a daily basis and transporting to our newest vet Marinos in Kiotari, however he didn’t corner the market as others were taken to vets in Archangelos and Analipsi towns closer to Rhodes city…

During the month of November the number neutered was 46, December being a short month 41 along with treating a few badly wounded or injured cats plus sick kittens. We started January 2018 with 2801cats neutered, another 29 over the month taking us closer to the 3000 target aimed for at year’s end however our very last ( explanation in the April newsletter) TNR team arrives end of February, putting us hopefully back on track to neuter the other 170 cats..

Apart from neutering our winter feed program went into full swing November working to our advantage as the cats/ kittens become used to volunteer feeders arriving at certain times and specific feeding areas making the cats far more friendly and much more amiable about being trapped….

Lothierika an area close to Pefkos appeared to have had a kitten explosion however once the cats became used to the feeder they literally walked into the cages on their own !!!!   Out of that particular group of 23 cats and kittens we managed to sterilise 18 adults, another with FIV euthanized leaving 4 possibly 6 kittens to be collected in March when they are older…

Recently one of our local vets informed us of an amazing report from ROYAL CANIN producers of animal foods items. They reported to Panagiotis, “ More cat food is purchased on the island of Rhodes, than anywhere else in Greece “.!!!!!

Now that is phenomenal information considering 6yrs ago when GCWS-Rhodes arrived, no one cared about cats apart from the odd Greek or ex pat, poisoning and drowning was rife and many looked like toast racks being so emaciated riddled with worms, fleas and ticks.

How times have changed we can call on locals to assist with winter feeding or trapping, cat products for sale range from decorative collars to ridiculous clothing from the 22 vets on the island, no poisoning heard of in many years unless accidental and kitten adoptions at an all time high, plus the vets have informed us the strays are far too fat !!!! Meaning when they neuter, too much stomach fat makes it far more difficult… Rather fat than skin and bones….

Lets hope things never change or go back to the old ways of riding towns and villages of our darling fur balls.

Before closing this newsletter, sincerely HUGE thanks to those new members that joined easy fundraising   www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/greekcatswelfaresociety/     you have all managed to raise £61 donated back to us in the last quarter… Wonderful news for us..

To those supporters that wish to send food parcels, it is now possible by using this link and everything will be sent to us for the 9.99euro www.zooplus.com


Until the April newsletter, all comments welcome..