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Without their help we would be lost

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Saffron helping with deliveries

Sending food helps us with the winter feeding programme.


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Cat Fact

A cat cannot see directly under its nose. This is why the cat cannot seem to find tidbits on the floor.

Thank You

These supporters have donated on more than one occasion either giving food or money:

Jane Mawson

John and Pat Davies

John and Margot Hood

Valarie Pault

Sarah Portsmouth

Rachel Dutton

Lorraine Thistlewaite

Karen o’brien

Susan Mcglinchey

Joanne  House

Pauline Davison

Lucinda Green

Lottie Summers

Lauren Dicker

Carol Farrow

Pauline Davison

Albert and Xenia

Sheila Gibson

Jacquelyn Charlton/Towndrow

Ute oppelt (Stern)

Emma and Karl

Mataj Babjak

Sue Newman

Catherine Carr

Nik and Liza Partridge

Sharon Timms

Thank You

These are the overseas volunteers and vets who give their time and expertise to come here and help:

Lynsey Earl –  Vet –   New Zealand

Tom McNaughton    – Vet –  England

Volker Gerlitzki –Vet – Germany

James Kilgour –  Vet Nurse  – England

Sarah  Jayne Watts  –  Vet Nurse  – Wales

Katie Edwards  –  Vets assistant and trapper – Wales

Lauren Dicker –    Vets assistant and trapper – England

Laura Austin Stephens  – Trapper – Wales

Saffron Deen – Trapper – England

Rebecca Pritchard –Trapper – England

Ben  Vanlint  – Trapper –England

Joke Maes –Vet – Belgium

Christine Beaver – Vet –NZ

 Sebastian Button –Trapper – Wales

 Garry Austen- Stephens –Trapper- Wales

 Lottie Summers –Trapper – Wales



GCWS Rhodes cats

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