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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Fantastic the ALL ladies TNR team managed to neuter 156 cats, absolutely Brilliant…

The first premises we had planned on working in was set up, five car loads traps, cages, buckets & brushes, boxes of cleaning items, medical instruments, trays of cat food for trapping plus food and drinks for the team, however at the last minute a decision was made to abandon that particular property..

Normally the TNR program is set up in quiet secluded areas where there are very few people or very little passing traffic, however this time there were neighbours although not in residence but whilst coming and going we noticed a couple of salubrious looking characters who appeared to be sneaking around watching us from behind trees.. Being aware of these sleazy characters turning back after a few minutes of leaving the premises, these two men appeared to be immensely interested in the property we had just left, with the team arriving the next day the decision was made to expediently remove everything straight away taking it everything back to my house.

With urgency the lounge room was cleared, down stairs bathroom and back patio area made ready for the next morning and incoming cats..

Lynsey one of the vets who had flown in from New Zealand for her 2nd TNR trip, also persuaded her fiancé Arata to join us after his business meeting in the UK , he is involved with the veterinary industry but never having been hands on made it an extremely proactive and interesting time for him especially when we hit our 2500th cat which he assisted in sterilising.

Bravo Arata, you and this fabulous team are welcome back anytime…

Although the team were seriously professional & extremely experienced, a number of problems occurred due to so many of the cats being heavily pregnant one actually having her kittens in the basket whilst waiting, time consuming bleeders which required an immense amount of medical attention. Tom cats with undescended testicles (Cryptorchidism ) which is rarely seen during the TNR programs, however this time we had 5!!! Again, so much time was taken whilst trying to complete sterilisation of the males…

There were incidents with females being returned after splitting stitches open , volunteer trapper Bex had her hand so badly bitten and infected she couldn’t drive which meant calling on a friend to assist in returning the cats, worst of all people came to us with kittens having been dumped hours old by bins to die dreadful deaths in the searing heat, plus call outs to accidents with cats having massive severe head & leg injuries…

Unfortunately not a trouble free week even with all these incidents the outcome – definitely outweighed the problems.

One other irritating problem reported in the April newsletter still not resolved, is the new clinic….

Round and round, on and on Panagiotis calls the lawyer, the lawyer returns the call with no solution. Without the contract for the building of which the vet now actually has the keys, no electricity or water can be switched back on?????

With a little luck and a great deal of help from friends, possibly open by the middle of June….

We are desperate to collect more cats for neutering without having to make a 2 hr round journey to the other clinic…. Fingers crossed we should have good news for the August newsletter…

As we come to the end of this particular newsletter the tourist season has well and truly started, as have the far too many HELP messages from all over the island, emails, phone calls and face book regarding sick, injured cats and kittens on their own.

Explaining to people we are not a rescue service and unable to assist at the drop of a hat, falls on deaf ears and some respond with extreme rudeness we do our utmost under restrictive financial circumstances.

Making it even more difficult is finding volunteers as many are not available during work months to actually look for the cats some up to an hour away, however we endeavour to collect the worst cases as you can see from these disturbing photos below…..

Hopefully this months newsletter, has illustrated or basically explained to new readers what we have and are trying to achieve on the island of Rhodes.


Hopefully this months newsletter, has illustrated or basically explained to new readers what we have and are trying to achieve on the island of Rhodes.

Comments always welcomes as are donations either through our paypal link on our website www.gcwsrhodes.org   or     https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/greekcatswelfaresociety for purchasing items online..