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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Καλό Πάσχα     HAPPY EASTER

Good News :     We eventually managed to neuter our 3000th cat.

In actual fact the whole of the Trap Neuter Return program was extremely hard going with torrential rain, storms, punctured tyres, angry locals filming us and complaining that cats should be left to procreate not be sterilised, cats escaping out of baskets and tragically others being mixed up !!!!!!

Strays were difficult to find not only due to horrendous weather but large colonies no longer exist the West side of the island, trappers were finding 10-12 hanging around bins however most of them had been sterilised even Lindos the bane of GCWS TNR program always had groups of un neutered cats – unfortunately not this time.

Our regular volunteers commented, “ 5 years of TNR has proven the program works…”

In desperation unlucky cats sauntering past the clinic were being picked off one by one, however after 4 days only 81 cats had been listed, then suddenly to our utter joy two days before neutering ended a local approached us asking if someone could help catch a few cats behind a shopping centre, unstoppable falling over each other the trappers rushed out loading their van with traps, cages and meat, returning with 21 cats..

Things were looking up another call informing us of a village ( Vati ) 25 mins drive away in the hills, had more pregnant and un neutered strays than they could cope with…

Arriving outside the very first restaurant – trappers heaven !!!!!

These poor fur balls were starving, as soon as the trap went down with food inside cats were being bundled 2-3 at a time into cages, out of empty baskets & car full of cats they were hastily driven back to waiting vets.

Next day was the same however this was to be the last working day before clearing up, another 14 trapped & neutered taking our tally to 133 cats , definitely finishing on a high….

Huge gratitude to returning volunteers Sebastian Button, James Kilgour also new Italian vet Alessandro plus two wonderful ladies who volunteered and paid their own way Linda & Emma.

THANK YOU all for your patience, persistence and professionalism ….

Easter being early this year it appears the tourist season has already started as have the calls, messages and problems albeit on a smaller scale, fingers crossed we have a much quieter year than 2017.

At present it seems to be pregnant cats, large un neutered Toms, minor injuries or cases of FIV.


Allowing for the odd day off:

Traditionally before the season starts cat lovers, volunteers plus friends in general hold a luncheon at  Marouli ( Lettuce ) a superb vegetarian / vegan restaurant in the Old Town owned by Mara a great supporter of GCWS- Rhodes.

Basically we get together before the tourists arrive, enjoy a delicious lunch, discuss animal problems and collectively put the world to rights whilst hopefully raising a few euros towards the winter feed program.

Broccolo the resident cat decided the best seat in the house was next to me, ( bad move ) flea and eye treatment magically came to hand, then as expected he dashed off to hide in the bushes…

A terrific afternoon enjoyed by all even Broccolo returned without a care in the world climbed on the empty chair, totally relaxed and promptly fell asleep……….

Once again as Summer approaches if considering holidays, daily shopping, or purchasing gifts please check out www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/greekcatswelfaresociety/   its free and we receive a small percentage of everything spent…

Until our June newsletter we wish everyone HAPPY EASTER and a joyous Spring …..