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As 2017 comes to an end we are hoping and praying that 2018 will be nowhere as bad as it has been with so many unforeseen challenges, cats critically injured, severely wounded, grotesque cancer growths, it has been a nightmare for everyone concerned but much worse our coffers could not cope and for the first time ever we actually requested help from our amazingly generous friends and supporters who rallied round and raised over 1200euros .

Thank you sincerely…..

The best and only good thing to come out of this year was the highly anticipated opening of a clinic here south of the island but it was months before there was any headway made with cancellations, broken promises all meaning no work premises for our TNR program, extremely frustrating.. Ten months on and GCWS-Rhodes finally has a base where our friends and supporters can come and meet with us but more importantly for neutering cats..

Sadly the Greeks are making things extremely difficult for foreign vets to work here, demanding they be registered with the veterinary authorities which can take years, although this has been mentioned a number of times over the past 6yrs, GCWS –Rhodes has never been confronted with these policies or problems possibly because our vets volunteer and ARE NOT paid like some others, which is coincidentally why the local vets are complaining – understandably.

The Island vets have mortgages, staff to be paid along with children’s education, it certainly doesn’t help when other charities bring vets in neutering pet cats and dogs for free causing a great deal of friction and animosity.

Hopefully trapping stray and feral cats will keep us in a respected position, clear of any aggravation.

At least now thanks to Panagiotis Margies our vet from Kremasti we have licensed premises to sterilise strays instead of hotel rooms, laundries, garages or dirty football changing rooms, however it has come a little too late in not allowing enough time to arrange a full vet team until February…

The TNR program is continuing at a slower pace with the new vet Marinos, instead of purging one particular area for a week we are trapping cats on a daily basis over a longer period persevering and still aiming to neuter our 3000th cat by the new year????

Fund raising season has started with one of our favourite venues closing its doors permanently leaving very little time to find a replacement venue, the decision was made to highlight the new clinic in Kiotari by holding our first ever CAT boot sale, plus a coffee and cake morning..

Weather was worryingly unsettled but it went ahead, in very little time all spaces were all taken and an enjoyable sunny few hours was had by all including the vets who had never seen anything like it, they appeared to enjoy every minute along with tasting all the delicious cakes…..

As we come to the end of this financially draining year and this newsletter GCWS-Rhodes would like to wish everyone that reads our newsletters, Friends & Supporters an amazingly peaceful Christmas and a Healthy, Happy 2018…

If you still have gifts to purchase or thinking of booking holidays please consider using www.easyfundraising.org.uk there are thousands of companies to choose from, make us your chosen charity and they will donate a small percentage back to Greek Cat Welfare Society – Rhodes and to many of you who visit Rhodes, we look forward to catching up next year…


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  1. Ute

    You are looking back to 2017 and tell it was not that good, with all the deadly injured cats or bad cancers and Lots of trouble with clinic opening. But what i read is: again a year you managed to save so many poorly furballs, you made again lots of neutering, you were able to help in so many occasions and restlessly did hard work for the Cats on Rhodes! Finally you managed to open the Kiotari clinic, which will be a very important place for many animals in the south to find medical help! Not to forget all those you were helping to come to their new home, all those coming to your Winter feeding and being checked Up for health! Sure – if you would ask the Cats – they would say it was again a very successful and purrfect year and you did all you can! Thank you so much