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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

The season is over we have the island back making it much more possible to move around the roads, since the winter feeding program started November 1st we can now actually see how the cats have faired since the tourists left..

To be honest they still have some weight on them however far too many kittens born in summer are of concern, unfortunately nature will take its course and we shall see how many along with adults survive the cold, wet months.

Pefkos icon Kitler was taken in for his regular 2nd annual check up, looking good for his age ( approx 12-14yrs ) unfortunately only 2 x teeth left, purring his way through the vets medical examination he passed with flying colours.

Our first winter fund raising event was held at a new venue in Kalathos village hall, it was amazing to see many Greek locals coming out to support us, either baking cakes or donating money from the sale of items on their table. Simply wonderful and we have been invited back next year…..

Regular sellers came out in force as did supporters even the cats that are fed daily at the hall paid us a visit, one very naughty boy kept us all amused climbing on tables and playing with anything that would roll around the floor… However he had not been neutered, the very next day he plus 2x females were whisked off to the vet where we used most of the money raised along with purchasing a supply of winter food.

Over the past few years, we have had some wonderful items/ gifts donated for us to sell so as to raise funds, spinners, key rings ,lovely hessian bags plus these delightful Xmas cards one depicting our very own Pefkos icon Kitler, however next year these gorgeous sea glass pictures, probably the best yet will be available to purchase…

Once again we MUST thank Emma Trim, who dedicates her vacation time searching for coloured glass on Rhodes beaches, making the pictures, plus packing and posting..


The last fund raiser of 2019 was our annual car boot held at the Kiotari vet clinic, it was touch and go due to the horrendous weather in the previous week.  Storms across Greece and Rhodes left devastation, trees fallen, roads and bridges blocked or collapsing, raging rivers even deaths but what really surprised the volunteers was to find stray cats in their normal feeding areas. Obviously their natural instincts kicked in and they found high ground where they were safer and drier – smart little fur balls…

On the day of the car boot, it was bright & sunny with a wonderful turnout…

Our Trap Neuter Return program will start in a few weeks time a little later than usual, due to circumstances beyond our control, there will be no foreign vet team until March. The volunteers here have already started taking cats on a daily basis using our regular local vets however it becomes expensive as we pay per cat and if it is anything other than sterilising, injuries, broken limbs, wounds this definitely depletes our coffers but we have started requesting people who take cats in for neutering donate towards the program, it appears to be working.

On that note we would like to suggest to those of you that shop on line please consider purchasing Xmas gifts for family and friends or perhaps a holiday or general groceries https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk  nominating The Greek Cat Welfare Society-Rhodes as your benefactor we receive a small percentage of your purchase…. Once a min £18 has been raised in a 3mth period it is sent direct to the bank, the last amount deposited was £83 approx ( 99euros ) which equates to 3 x females or 5 males sterilised or 5 x 20kg bags of biscuits.

If you prefer to send us a cat food parcel once again please consider ordering from http://www.zooplus.com/shop/cats/dry_cat_food  they will deliver up to 100kgs for a fee of 10euro….