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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

GCWS-Rhodes hope 2015 has started as well for you all, as it has for us.

For the first time in the 3 years we have been operating on the island we are financially in the black, with a  GCWS-UK board  approved allowance, wonderful people such as John and Pat Davies and  Mr A Clark who sent through larger than usual donations, Sarah Portsmouth and other generous supporters who have sent food via the Amazon wish list, money raised from the annual Christmas Bazaar  plus our first online auction means the winter feeding program  is guaranteed through until April.


More fund raising events took place with the village of Pylona raising their own funds so as to participate in our Trap Neuter Return program.

In December they held a Christmas Afternoon Tea  ( CAT )  with a good turnout including Santa, which raised 162 euro along with 50.81c from the permanent donation pot in the Pylona Arms  bar, this then allowed  8 pregnant and sick cats  to be trapped and  treated by local vets.

Kalathos another village which is approximately 5ks from Pylona have also approached us and made a request to participate in the TNR program, they too will raise their own funds but being a much larger area we shall definitely have to provide a vet team sometime in the near future. In the meantime when we have extra funds in our coffers we will trap the cats one by one as the locals inform us of pregnancies or injuries..

Their first fund raiser will be a combined effort at the Easter Fayre and Table Top ( Jumble Sale ) April 3rd

at the lovely Lindos Reception.

They will be selling yummy  cakes, pastries and sweets  including a raffle of donated items . We have no doubt being the Easter weekend it should be extremely successful.  More news in April newsletter…

Asklipio village had their fund raiser back in September and our first  vet team of 2015 arriving in March will be trapping and working  in very difficult circumstances, lets hope it will be successful as none of the cats have been neutered and poisoning is quite a regular occurrence even though illegal.

In the meantime 2  x kittens having been fostered for a while due to the fact there are no direct planes in or out of Rhodes during winter, unless to mainland makes finding homes very difficult…

Mac was an extremely sick kitten from Kalitheas cat sanctuary taken in by a volunteer who nursed him back to health, however she then took some tiny weak kittens in that promptly died and whatever it was infected poor Mac. Luckily after a great deal of love, care and medication he became stronger and was then bought to us to await his forever home.

Blue a beautiful 3mth old kitten found on the streets of Rhodes Town whilst neutering in October by the trappers, requested he be taken in as he was gentle and loving they didn’t want to return him to the streets.

We did this hoping we could find him a home, unfortunately with no flights this was not going to be possible. He was smothered by one of our surrogate mums Patch, suddenly he too became ill  but antibiotics, lots more love and attention, he made a great recovery.

Thankfully another charity here on the island we work very closely with ( Paws and Claws ) asked if we had any kittens available to go to Italy.  Mac and Blue have found their forever homes.

Finally we wish to thank all of our wonderful supporters that purchase their shopping through easyfundraising. Everything thing  purchased from grocery shopping to holidays, GCWS-Rhodes receives  a small percentage, however it all adds up.

To those kind people who send food via our Amazon wish list and donations through pay pal.


Cat quote:  The only mystery about  the cat, is WHY it ever decided to become a domestic animal?