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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Food Donation

How you can donate food or any other items directly to us.


Winter Feeding Programme

Saffron helping with deliveries

Saffron helping with deliveries

Sending food helps us with the winter feeding programme.



Cat Fact

The oldest known pet cat was found in a 9,500-year-old grave on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. This grave predates early Egyptian art depicting cats by 4,000 years or more

If anyone wishes to  donate food or send any other items, you may purchase them through this link. Zooplus
Standard deliver is 9.99 euro to Rhodes for any products(s) ordered.


Please  email gcwsrhodes@gmail.com and request address.


GCWS Rhodes cats

GCWS Rhodes cats

To ensure your donation goes straight where it’s needed to the cats of Rhodes donate through paypal

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