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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

How You Can Help

Your help is essential to us


Winter Feeding Programme

Saffron helping with deliveries

Saffron helping with deliveries

Sending food helps us with the winter feeding programme.



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Throughout the year we continue our (TNR ) trap neuter and return program, however we are always looking for volunteers to assist in different ways.

We need people:

  • To trap cats in local areas (a simple & safe process.) We will teach you how to catch feral and stray cats, provide traps and cages, once you have acquired the skills of trapping you can apply to other charities throughout the world to assist them with TNR programs
  • To transport cats to the vets for neutering, sickness or injuries . If we do not have the volunteer vet teams working on the TNR program, the neutering of strays and feral cats carry on throughout the cooler months, this is when local volunteers are required to trap cats and take them to a recommended vet.
  • To raise money by holding table tops, coffee mornings, quiz nights, etc During the off season / winter months when there are no longer any tourists, fund raising is a priority as GCWS would not survive and continue with the TNR program without funds. The events have proven to be great fun and bring communities together, they also help the locals to understand what our aims are for neutering the feral cats.
  • To foster cats / kittens prior to re homing. Once the tourist season starts we become inundated with requests to assist with sending cats overseas to their forever homes, perhaps owners relocating elsewhere needing guidance. The animals need to be cared for and homed for between 3-7 weeks depending on the age, until vaccinations and passports are completed with all expenses paid by the owners. This can be very rewarding, however there is a need to stay detached from the cat or kitten as it is extremely sad when they leave your accommodating home.
  • To accommodate an occasional overseas volunteer, off season for a week or so . Twice a year we have vet volunteer teams that come out to work on the TNR program, basically it would become extremely expensive if GCWS had to pay for hotel rooms, when this money could be better utilised in the neutering of cats. The volunteers will share, however they do tend to leave very early in the mornings for trapping, this could disturb the family or person offering rooms however GCWS will provide money for a light breakfast.
  • To help with general admin tasks (computer based)


GCWS Rhodes cats

GCWS Rhodes cats

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