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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Our 2018 tourist season has started as have all the messages, phone calls and emails….

In two days alone 79 messages received for one reason or another, many were really appreciated from supporters enquiring what was needed for the strays such as flea & worm treatments, ear drops plus antibiotic creams or powder which can be dropped on any wound if the cats are not too friendly making it unnecessary to trap and deliver to the vet.
Anything and everything is gratefully received including out of date vet stock, bandages, instruments and knitted blankets…

Other questions related to sending biscuits and food, the main problem being freight costs from UK which once were free to Greece with Amazon, now normally over £30
It does appear rather expensive especially as that money could easily be spent on bags of biscuits and trays of meat.

Another company Zoo Plus which apparently only charges 9.99e delivery for up to 100kgs a great deal more acceptable.
( Any interest in sending items to us, please email for our Rhodes address Email Us)

Naturally we received requests to collect kittens also sick and injured cats, however as per previous seasons we now insist on photos. Sadly tourists ideas of sick and injured cats are nothing compared to what we consider or believe to be the same. One particular lady messaged 3 times informing us of a very sick kitten she was worried about, eventually after explaining we MUST have a photo before any collection could be arranged or medications suggested. A photo arrived of a pretty female cat sitting on a wall, looking extremely healthy ????? Replying to her message “ There dosent appear to be any wounds, eye problems or blood, she looks very healthy what exactly is the problem..” ? This lady wrote back “ It is eating so much food, everything we give she eats “ !!!!

Say no more…

A Brazilian tourist complained nonstop that stray cats were being totally ignored, she only saw one lady feeding them. It ruined her holiday, no one cared for them they were like ghosts, people just walked passed them. It was cruel and why didn’t GCWS-Rhodes demand that something be done about it??
Replying,” I assumed it was her first trip to Rhodes assuring her we did a great deal for the strays, locals assisted and we have feeders dotted around the island, also to be honest she would see far worse on the mainland and other islands..”
Thinking that would appease her and there would be no more comments. HOW WRONG !!!!

Next A4 message received she ranted and raved about the Lindos donkeys, she had abused the handlers and they had shouted back threatening her, not only that she sent me 13 videos of people riding donkeys..
Perhaps a little extreme, however not a one off..

Our neutering program has slowed down ceasing completely in the next few days not only due to lack of finances, the weather unfortunately becoming far too hot to transport cats, they also go to ground keeping as cool as possible during the day coming out at night to be fed by kind tourists… Clever Pussy Cats.

Apart from large numbers of pregnant females neutered in the last 6-8 weeks there have been awful internal, uterus & kidney problems plus a number of Tom cats with FIV , nasty abscess infections, injuries due to natural aggression vying for females, however controlling numbers and keeping the island cats healthy is our priority and our total has risen to 3053 cats sterilised…

Our next planned TNR will be mid to end of October with a few kind supporters volunteering to assist whilst on holiday, always appreciated and we look forward to their kind assistance.

In the meantime, we wish everyone a wonderful Summer…