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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Although we are 3 months into 2020 we need to report on the rather late December TNR, which was a little hit and miss considering the atrocious weather. One day raging storms, another bright sunshine !!! In fact at times it was so bad with swirling filthy, muddy water entering the cat food cabin, we then had to wait for sunshine to help dry boxes, towels and bags of biscuits before a wooden pallet could be placed inside to keep everything off the floor..

There have been more bad storms since, however it appears the pallet idea didn’t work and we were flooded once again this time losing 3 x 20kg of biscuits, mixed with a great deal of sludge it certainly stank out the cabin and took 4hrs to scrape and clean up….

During the car boot in November a tiny little kitten named Happy was bought into the clinic with slightly paralysed back legs, however the problem was more neurological. She came home and was looked after for 3mths and in that time, there was definite change as she grew stronger and tried to use her back legs although the vets warned there would be little chance she would ever be perfect. One of our wonderful Dutch supporters who had adopted a kitten a few years prior enquired about Happy, they were pre warned she would need care for the rest of her life but they were extremely determined to take her and give her a quality of life..


Happy now named Poppy is doing exceptionally well, she can sit on her hind legs unaided and has been seen wobbling on her back legs in the garden. Its amazing what a lot of love and TLC can do….

Bravo Edith & Paul…

As to the end of year TNR program it is becoming the norm to no longer receive a full foreign team, we tend to use our local vet and utilise the clinic but we did have a fabulous new Vet Nurse Sharon Powell who slotted in with the other volunteers trapping, carrying heavy cages plus cleaning so much so we have invited her back again this year, however we will have a full team at the end of March.

Regardless of rain & storms everyone battled on managing to treat quite a number of sick & in some cases extremely injured cats, 137 were neutered taking our total to 3997, three short of the magic 4000.

This was remedied once Marinis our vet was back from holidays, a volunteer bought in a female for sterilisation…

4000th Cat

Remembering whenever we utilise the local vet or hold a full on TNR program we do require a great deal of funds not only to purchase sutures, medicines, drugs the team need accommodation which we pay for, along with snacks drinks and some meals.. Raising funds is part and parcel of running a charity and our first Table Top for 2020 took place at Antonios Bar, Faliraki..

It was an unusual bitterly cold morning 5 degrees, this was a concern as we thought perhaps people would rather stay home in the warmth than come out and support us. How wrong we were, thank goodness.. A great turn out, lots of new faces plus local Greeks !!!!!



Moving slowly into Spring and the tourist season, we will be back with the June newsletter informing you about the first 2020 TNR, keeping you updated on our endeavours here on the island..

In the meantime if you are not visiting Rhodes this year and would like to purchase any of this years GCWS items for sale please contact emmatrim167@btinternet.com