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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Extreme heat wave over, figs falling from the trees, grapes turning to raisins and according to the Greeks August the 15th was the start of winter!

Lots of tourists still around, you can definitely see and feel the difference as the season comes to a close plus less emails and messages regarding the island cats. So with that in mind I shall update everyone on some news and move on to perhaps some lovely photos of cats that we have managed to foster or find their Forever homes over the past couple of years.

Before that a little piece of news, one of our wonderful volunteer vets ( Joke ) and her family were here on a well deserved holiday when she made contact and offered an afternoon of neutering.  At very short notice, trapping especially in the heat of the day can be very difficult, however they managing to trap 8 cats. With the help of her vet husband and family, neutering was over and done in 2hrs.

Hopefully now, those particular cats will have much healthier and possibly longer lives.

Recently after sending off  more kittens to their Forever homes and perusing our old  records, contact was made to 5 owners with requests for recent photos of  a these past sick and injured adopted kittens

Gorgeous they are too.

GCWS-Rhodes will  be holding another online auction in December with a couple of amazing offers, one being a weekend in a luxury Lindos villa, glass bottom boat cruise and many other items.

If anyone has anything to offer or donate  towards our auction, please do not hesitate to make contact gcwsrhodes@gmail.com

Once again we would like to thank our regular friends and supporters for their kind donations, especially  Mr John Davies who very kindly requested instead of retirement gifts his work associates raise funds for GCWS-Rhodes,  which was a substantial amount.

To those that are new to our newsletter and wish to donate, please go direct to our pay pal link on the website.

Another link which will bring in funds to our coffers, with Christmas coming up please take a look at Easy Fundraising with no cost to yourselves, there are thousands of  businesses connected to Easy Fundraising.  Remember  if  we are your chosen charity  Greek Cat Welfare Society –Rhodes  and you purchase goods from regular grocery shopping, holidays, major stores or just visit the site, points are donated which are turned into cash and sent to us every quarter.

To end on an optimistic note, later this month our next team of  vets plus volunteers will be here for the TNR program and will DEFINITELY manage to neuter the 2000th cat. Look out for details, photos and numbers in our December edition.