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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

As many of our readers, friends and supporters will have read on our Face Book page the charity has had an extremely miserable and traumatic past few months with huge amounts of cats having the most debilitating injuries, far too much sickness and death. In fact so much so that for the first time in our 5 years on the island we actually posted our coffers were empty and if anyone wished to donate it would be VERY much appreciated, readers certainly did come to our rescue it was amazing within 2 days donations received totalled just over 1200euros!! Fantastic generosity, we were able to pay some vet bills plus a little more neutering before the dreaded kitten season starts.On that happier note cease talk of sadness, pain and misery, for once there is more good news than bad..

At long last Panagioti our vet in Kremasti who we persuaded to open a new clinic down South, more for the safety of our volunteers and strays has actually signed his contract, collected the keys which he kindly handed over so that the 72sq mt rooms could be scrubbed and cleaned. However this is Greece, nothing is simple or straight forward 4hrs after cleaning, electricians came in making a complete and utter mess of everything with dirt, dust particles, showers of cement and brick flying around!!!!!!

Old Italian restaurant closed for over 8yrs, still requiring renovations, painting and more electrical work

Again it was clinically cleaned, then we were informed the plumber was coming, once more dirty water, dust from drilling smothered the floors, another day of cleaning but it was beginning to come together and GCWS-Rhodes instruments, cages, towels, table and drugs were moved into a small area to the back of the clinic. Elation after so long…..

Panagioti and Maria his vet nurse wife, decided as his other clinic closed on a Sunday why not come down and have a test run? Working closely together we managed to neuter 22 cats !!!! Pheeeww it was slow, HOT and frustrating at times however with a little more organising, arranging of equipment it will definitely work benefiting our vets and volunteers having everything close at hand especially for emergencies which often occur in the field. Celebrations took place after, not with champagne but ICE CREAM….

There is still a good deal of work to be done plus he needs to apply for a veterinary clinic permit, more surgery equipment, until then Panagioti will only opne on a Weds & Sat afternoons for regular customers who no longer need to travel over 1hr with their animals to be treated. It is a relief and a wonderful feeling that our next TNR will be held at ANIMAL CARE 2 clinic in Kiotari.

On to the second piece of good news, our dear departed Katie Button memorial bench and table coincidentally arrived after the dust had settled at the clinic. Dimitris the Artisan who lovingly built and proudly adored the bench was loathe to part with it having so many compliments from customers, he was hoping it would stay a little longer in his work shop. Dimitris securely bolted and welded it into a shaded area at the back of the clinic overlooking the sea, it looks gorgeous with the cushions and so comfortable, everyone who sees it remarks on how elegant it is. Since its arrival we have had a number of friends and supporters coming by to admire the bench and anyone visiting Rhodes is also very welcome.

Joke (vet) also volunteered with Katie. Her memorial bench and two dear friends Laura & Garry.. Its been a feel good end to the worst season ever, seriously hoping it remains this way so no more upsetting newsletters, more on TNR net time….

Thank you one and all for all your kind support…