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U.K. Registered Charity No: 1008057

Hopefully this newsletter will read a little more upbeat than the last, even though writing about the trials and tribulations of running and organising the charity are expected, supporters should know what their donations are being used for, however it is also important that good news stories be relayed..

In the past 2 months we have had a number of adoptions although it is not part of our remit being a neutering charity, however our volunteers offer to care for kittens when they are sick or requiring fostering until they can depart for their Forever homes..

Rudy was the first, tourists found him and WANTED him , HAD to have him. !!!!

As we know and they don’t.- Its not that straight forward.

All kittens must be minimum 3mths old before starting vaccinations, chip, rabies, passport and these tourists were leaving the NEXT day !!!!!

Thankfully Rudy the cat wasn’t too far away in one of our feeding areas, he was collected and old enough to start the proceedings, cat and new owners were driven to the vet where all documents apart from flights completed by 8pm.. Rudy then remained with us until 3 days before departure.


Josie another adopted Tabby also left for the UK, same procedure except this new owner Abbi remained here on vacation for 3 weeks making documentation less of an emergency, plus the cat remained with her in the rented villa and not caged until 2 days prior to their departure.

Amazingly the next occupants of this  very same villa fell in love with Batty the sister of Josie, she  also found her new home on a Llama farm in the UK

Rudy on way to UK


Batty after operation

Next a beautiful Tabby & white highly affectionate kitten named Tubby ( Tubbs ) having an exceedingly fat belly. Unfortunately the English lady who desperately wanted her as a gift for her young son here on Rhodes, took Tubbs home but came up against the ire of her Greek husband… Sadly poor Tubbs was returned.

Luckily out of the blue GCWS-Rhodes supporter Stuart Hubner a new resident, having just moved into his new home approached us requesting a kitten. First glance at Tubbs photo and he was in besotted..

She has since moved into her Forever home living a Purrrfectly, spoilt life.

Last but not least Princess Blue, totally deaf came to stay and keep Katie company for 3 weeks. Normally deaf and blind cats are notoriously hard to find homes, however this little kittens face was seen in another charities post and within 4hrs was adopted, again in Germany… Amazing

Other kittens adopted were, Rosa & Fluffy, Nina and Tilly all finding Forever homes in Germany.

Princess Blue

Rosa & Fluffy



Speaking of Stuart who has been holidaying on Rhodes for many years , recently acquired The Grapevine Bar in Lardos and being a huge animal lover has offered the premises to be used whenever possible for fundraising events. He has also taken a winter food bin, donation pots and started a book swap whereupon people donate whenever they borrow a book…. This is one venue we will really be utilising during winter…

As per usual our feel good stories come to an end, unfortunately sick and injured cats MUST take precedence when it comes to who requires TLC, medication and residence in GCWS-Rhodes cages.

Emergency call outs have come thick and fast although many turn out to be a matter of treating cats or kittens onsite, others require immediate veterinary assistance.

These particular cats ( photos ) have been treated for minor problems, however many tourist messages & calls have related to horrendous ear mite problems which inevitably require a great deal of valuable time and money .

All of these veterinary bill payments come from the coffers of the TNR and winter feed program.

With that in mind we MUST thank Lesley & Leon Morgan, along with Josee Flint for their very generous donations, which at least paid for a number of sterilisations.

Other serious situations require more than surgery, with heart wrenching decisions having to be made.

Thankfully this year we have had the most amazing support along with desperately required donations from Mark & Sandra Simpson who continuously pumped out their handmade spinners, all of this money has also paid vet bills.

They have now turned their hand to some gorgeous Christmas decorations, available in packs of 5 @ £18 which inc postage in the UK, again with proceeds shared between 3x Rhodes charities..

Christmas is but 10 weeks away, if you wish to purchase these delightful decorations please order via sandras50@hotmail.co.uk

Until our December newsletter we thank each and every one of our Friends and Supporters, however we would like to remind you when buying Xmas gifts, booking holidays, clothes or every day shopping please use https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk nominating us The Greek Cat Welfare Society-Rhodes as your chosen charity, we will then receive a small percentage of every item purchased… Everything helps.



Our next newsletter will be December 2018 (Xmas )

Thereafter 3 times per year April 2019 – Aug 2019 – Dec 2019